☻ ... walk up the hills around CHALLUPA ☻ Snezka ☻ Black Mountain ☻ The treetop trail ☻ Hiking trails in KRNAP

The Giant Mountains offer plenty of hiking trails through deep forests and along the ridges of high mountains. If you like big hikes, then it is definitely worth leaving the valley and heading to the top of one of the surrounding mountains, preferably to climb Sněžka itself.

There is no reason to drive or move anywhere, you can walk from Challupa across the river along the Honzik's stream (also visit the Aichelburg Forest Chateau - keys available for hire in the Merry Trip) towards Černá Hora or up the hill on the other side along the cross trail. Both hiking trails will take you to places where your mountain walking options will be further expanded.

...get information opposite CHALLUPA in Veselý Výlet (maps, information leaflets, souvenirs, etc.)

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